SketchUp Novice Online Part-Time Course

Fun, Interactive & Educational.

Run by professionals in the industry.

This interactive course will take you through drawing and creation to the point where you can draw up a 3D furnished house using the free SketchUp platform.

Course Dates: 22 July 2020 - 08 August 2020 

Cost: R4950

SketchUp Course 10 sessions (Sat 9am-10.30am/Wed 6pm-8pm)

Session 1 The Environment: Learning to navigate

Session 2 Mass Buildings: Connect and create logo pieces

Session 3 Drawing and Creation: Measure - documentation

Session 4 Geometric House: Creating objects to insert into house

Session 5 Organize - Manage components: Textures and material creation

Session 6 Create interior components and test components

Session 7 Presentation: Images and walkthroughs. Styles & Trimble LayOut

Session 8 Design, build and present the House

Session 9 Major assignment

Session 10 Assignment handed in for feedback

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